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When do you replace your countertops?

If your countertops are damaged beyond repair, sporting pitted areas, deep cracks or scorch marks, you need to consider replacing them. Or, if your current countertops no longer meet the requirements for the design you envision, you should consider replacing or upgrading.

Measure thrice, cut / install once

To make selecting your custom countertops and having them fit precisely requires precise measurements. If you're not sure how or where to measure, let our experts know! They can tell you how or we can do the measuring for you.

Your choice of countertop materials

Another affordable way to update your home

Perhaps your cabinets and flooring are just fine, but you still feel like something could be done to bring your kitchen and bathroom more into line with your design desires. Replace your countertops! It's affordable, quick and only takes a few days to a couple of weeks to finish.

•  Granite

•  Ceasarstone

•  Corian

•  Tile & laminate

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