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Hide treasures and free up space

Smaller rooms, such as utility rooms, benefit greatly from having custom-made wall units in place. Create a functional laundry area, for example, complete with folding area, a decorative area to store and hide an ironing board and much more. Stop by our location today to view ideas and get started on your project today!

Where will you put the entertainment equipment?

Entertainment centers and wall units are designed for organization as well as to accentuate the overall style and atmosphere you have going throughout the home or office. Talk with our designers today and custom design the wall unit or entertainment center that works best for you, your family and your style.

What will your custom designed unit be used for?

These units are so versatile

If you think an entertainment center or wall unit is just for the home or office, you're mistaken. Consider the uses when you place one in the basement, garage or even weatherproof it for use outside on the patio or deck!


To ensure you're remodeling project goes smoothly from start-to-finish, we also take care of your electrical, plumbing and drywall needs.

•  Entertainment - television, gaming systems, movies, music and more

•  Sewing center - fabric storage, machine / work table, ribbon / thread storage

•  Collectibles, art display, house plants

•  Anything you can imagine

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